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Premier Smart Homes is dedicated to transforming your living spaces into intelligent and convenient environments.

Our specialized service includes the installation and seamless integration of motorized shades and curtains, adding a touch of luxury and efficiency to your home.

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Highest quality. Quietest motors. Luxury quality fabrics. Precision design. Peerless technology. Lutron shades fuse refined aesthetics and human-centered innovation to deliver a set of experiences only Lutron can. The number one choice of designers. (Lutron shade picture of hardware end cap)

Elevating the living experience, Premier Smart Homes seamlessly incorporates Altex’s high-quality motorization solutions, offering residents a perfect blend of style and smart functionality. From sleek dual roller shades to fully custom curtains, the Altex system, curated by Premier Smart Homes, brings a touch of luxury to every room.

Dual Roller Shades

Hidden Shades

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Premier Smart Homes, synonymous with cutting-edge innovation, proudly collaborates with Hunter Douglas, a leading name in window treatments, to elevate the living experience in their developments.

At the heart of this partnership lies the integration of Hunter Douglas’ exquisite shades and curtains, seamlessly merged with Premier Smart Homes’ intelligent living solutions.


Seamless Integration of Somfy's Versatile Solutions

Premier Smart Homes, synonymous with innovative living, seamlessly incorporates Somfy’s versatile solutions into their developments.

Renowned for crafting intelligent spaces, Premier Smart Homes integrates Somfy’s diverse range of motorized shades and automation solutions. From versatile products to intuitive controls, residents enjoy a perfect amalgamation of luxury and functionality, elevating the overall smart living experience.

Premier Smart Homes seamlessly incorporates Phantom Screens, renowned for intelligent living solutions, into their developments.

With retractable screens and motorized shading solutions, residents experience a blend of luxury and functionality in a cutting-edge living space.

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Take Control!

Transform your home into a smart and stylish sanctuary with Premier Smart Homes. Offering seamless integration of Silent Gliss solutions, our cutting-edge developments bring a touch of sophistication to every room.

Experience the luxury of precision-engineered motorized curtain and blind systems expertly curated by Premier Smart Homes. Take control of your living spaces and elevate your lifestyle today. Home Automation.