maintenance & UPGRADES

Responsive Support Team

Our dedicated support team is just a call away. Whether you have a question about your system’s functionality or encounter an issue, our responsive support team is ready to assist.

We prioritize quick and effective solutions to keep your smart home running smoothly.


Crafting and Sustaining Your Ideal Environment with Premier Smart Homes

We understand the importance of maintaining a perfect environment within your living spaces, ensuring that your smart home continues to be a sanctuary of convenience and tranquility.

Our comprehensive approach to maintenance is designed to sustain the peak performance of your intelligent living systems.

Control4 Upgrades


Future-Ready Smart Living

Our Control4 upgrades aren’t just about today; they’re about preparing your home for the future. Benefit from advancements in technology seamlessly integrated into your Control4 system, ensuring your smart home stays ahead of the curve.

Premier Smart Homes’ Lighting System Upgrade

Our lighting system upgrades are designed to turn your home into a canvas of ambiance. From warm and cozy evenings to vibrant and energizing mornings, we tailor the lighting to suit every moment.

Elegance Redefined

Upgrade your home aesthetics with a touch of elegance. Our transformations extend beyond functionality to enhance the visual appeal of your living space.

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to sleek, modern designs that seamlessly integrate upgraded technology into the fabric of your home.

Elevate Every Room with Premier Smart Homes

Premier Smart Homes invites you to reimagine your living spaces, transcending the ordinary into extraordinary.

Our expertise extends beyond mere technology – we specialize in upgrading any room, be it the heart of your home, the kitchen, or the communal space of relaxation, the living room.