Lighting Control

Smart Home Lighting  


Upgrade your conventional light switches with customized keypads to provide your home with stunning, configurable interfaces that adds the magic of automation to your home.

No more guessing what each button does; custom engraving and LED backlit indicators provide instant, at-a-glance feedback to tell you what lights are on, if your front door is locked, or if the garage door was left open. New construction, renovation, or just retrofit this into your home without re-wiring. We will design a plan that fits your needs.


Control4 Home Lighting Automation

Light that Responds to Your Life.

Lighting control can elevate comfort, simplify tasks and transitions, and enhance security. Switches, dimmers, and keypads have also evolved beyond their mere functional purpose to become aesthetic elements in the home’s design. Advancements in light control also translate to improvements in light quality. Adjustments to intensity, color, and saturation can match the light to each moment or mood. And integration into reliable, smart home systems lets homeowners set schedules that correspond with their routines.


Colour on Command

Transform your living space with dynamic colors that match or define the atmosphere. Utilize the integrated color wheel for instant ambiance changes, save customized presets for effortless enjoyment, or unleash captivating full-color scenes with a single touch.

Hands-Free Lighting Control

Arrive to a warmly lit home without lifting a finger— intuitive systems anticipate your evening return and lights the path. Motion sensors offer hands-free illumination in the night, guiding your way to the restroom or kitchen, while voice commands effortlessly control lighting even when your hands are full or from the comfort of your bed, ensuring a well-lit home at your command.


One Button to Rule Them All

Customize your keypads with buttons that go beyond just lights—easily manage music, movies, locks, thermostats, and even your garage door with a single press. Streamline your routine by turning on or off multiple rooms or your entire home in one tap, eliminating the need to go from room to room to control individual lights and TVs as you head off to work or retire for the night

Effortless Lighting Control

Create the perfect atmosphere effortlessly by setting the mood, adding ambiance, or highlighting with your preferred hues through various interactions. Whether it’s a simple button press, a tap on a touchscreen, a favorite selection on the remote, or a voice command to your preferred assistant, your lights are at your command. Use your favourite interface to take control of individual lights, illuminate entire rooms, or immerse your entire home in captivating color scenes!


Control4 Vibrant Lighting

The Vibrant Linear Lighting system offers a premium light diffusion experience by integrating LED strips and aluminum extrusions. Felt more than it is seen, linear lighting from Vibrant enhances ambiance by erasing harsh shadows and highlighting the architectural elements of a space. Consider adding this accent layer of lighting to your design plans. Fully integrated temperature, colour, and brightness elevate an environment into an automated personal experience.

Lutron Ketra Lighting

Beautiful, tunable, and customizable, Ketra is a revolution in LED lighting. Fixtures, bulbs and linear lighting. Built from scratch and boasting dozens of patented innovations, our advanced system opens up a whole new world for today’s designers —and supports how humans experience indoor environments in the modern age.

Coastal Source Landscape Lighting

Coastal Source Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting created to withstand harsh environments. Benefit from the rugged coastal durability of Coastal Source products and technology.