Home Automation

Control4 connects smart devices to work in unison, delivering a truly intelligent smart home experience that makes life more convenient, safe, and enjoyable.

As the largest Control4 Diamond Certified Dealer in Ontario, these automation products are central to our work in creating whole smart home systems.


Home Automation

Climate Control

Easy, convenient temperature control just where you need it. Gain remote access over your various heating and cooling systems. Creating home, away and night settings that react to your security system status, and schedule. Easily manage all of your heating and cooling zones within one interface.


Door Locks

Receive notice of who’s coming and going when you’re not at home, and gain the ability to control your door locks remotely. Manage users and access codes from your phone or smart home interface allowing you to limit who can access your home during specific times.

Garage Door Control

 Control your motorized garage doors from your phone or smart home interface anywhere in the world. Get notifications if you garage door is left open for too long, initiate a welcome home lighting scene or even unlock your mudroom door.

Home Automation - Garage Door

Pool Control

Dive into the future of pool management with smart home automation. Imagine effortlessly controlling your pool settings from the palm of your hand. Whether you want to adjust water temperature, control a motorized cover, turn on the waterfall or set mood-enhancing LED lighting, the power is at your fingertips.

Gate Control

Elevate your home security and convenience by integrating gate control into your smart home automation system. A smart gate intercom will allow you to manage users, monitor your gate and be alerted when people are entering your property. Whether it’s opening or closing the gate, or even granting access to visitors you can do that from anywhere in the world.


Video Intercom

Whether you’re home or away, with Intercom Anywhere you can monitor and communicate with any room of your smart home right from your smart phone and Control4 touchscreens. Greet guests and allow them to enter if you are running late, check in on your kids if they aren’t answering their phones, and observe and communicate with anyone who approaches your front door. With Intercom Anywhere, you have peace of mind in the palm of your hand.


Elevate your living experience with our smart home automation motorization solutions. Seamlessly integrate technology into your space with automated window treatments, allowing you to effortlessly control natural light and privacy at the touch of a button. Operate your motorized windows or skylights to manage fresh air in your home. Experience the future of entertainment with TV lifts that discreetly reveal or conceal your television, optimizing both functionality and aesthetics. Embrace the convenience and sophistication of a connected home where motorization transforms ordinary elements into extraordinary features, enhancing comfort and modernizing your lifestyle.

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