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Premier Smart Homes excels in the seamless integration of audio and video technologies. Whether it’s incorporating projector screens, concealed speakers, and tailor-made theater seating, or achieving a fundamental fusion of whole-home audio and television systems, we have the expertise to streamline and centralize control.

Our focus extends to creating a cohesive experience for a variety of audio and video devices, all accessible and manageable through your smartphone.

Premier Audio-Video Installations

Elevate your entertainment experience with Premier Smart Homes—experts in cutting-edge home audio-video installations that redefine your space.

Immersive Bliss Awaits

Take the leap into immersive home audio-video bliss! Connect with Premier Smart Homes to discover how our expert installations can revolutionize your entertainment setup.

Transform Your Space

Ready to transform your home into an audio-video haven? Contact us now for seamless installations and centralized control that bring your entertainment dreams to life.

Beyond Ordinary Home Theatre

Don’t settle for ordinary. Experience extraordinary audio-video installations with Premier Smart Homes. Contact us for a consultation and discover the possibilities for your home entertainment

Elevate Outdoor Living

Enhance your outdoor living space with expertly crafted audio installations, designed to bring your favorite tunes to life in the great outdoors

Control4 Universal Remote

Traditional universal remotes are designed to replace all others into just one that operates many of the audio/video devices you have in your media cabinet. Once you’ve lived with one, you know how convenient it is to get rid of the clutter and control all of your entertainment with one, simple device.

With Control4, that single universal remote has the power and intelligence to communicate and control nearly everything outside of your media cabinet, as well. As the family gathers for movie night, simply close the shades, dim the lights, and lock the doors—from the palm of your hand.


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